Five Reasons to Install a Smart Irrigation Controller

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Today’s gardeners are looking for innovative, efficient and smart irrigation solutions to create their ‘backyard oasis’ or get their lawn looking great with minimal time investment.

Irrigation companies have come to the rescue and designed smart irrigation controllers that result in a highly functional, efficient and cost-effective solution for keeping your grass greener. Basically, installing a smart controller gets your irrigation system working for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Toro Evolution Controller and the Hunter HC Hydrawise.

1. Flexibility

Smart controllers are suitable for residential and commercial applications. They are particularly great for irrigation systems that have numerous zones with different types of irrigation in play.

2. Ease of Use

Designed to be easy to use these smart irrigation systems have intuitive built-in operating systems that can be programmed at the controller or remotely.

3. WiFi Functionality

Everything and anything can be controlled via smartphones these days including your smart controller. Using an app available for Apple or Android systems you can access your controller and program your irrigation.

4. Predictive Watering

Smart irrigation controllers download daily weather data including current and forecasted temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed. This data is used to program your controller to water when it is needed. So, if it rains, your controller detects that its job has been done and doesn’t turn on the irrigation system for that time.

5. Broken or Blocked pipes

Your smart irrigation system keeps track of data like water usage. If there is an issue with your irrigation system such as broken or blocked pipes it will show you that less or more water has been used. Some controllers can even indicate where the issue may be occurring.