Harvesting Rainwater to Fill Your Pool

Water Tank System

In November 2020, Think Water Taranaki was contracted to design a water tank system to harvest rainwater for a residential home in New Plymouth. The plan was to capture and store rainwater from the roof of the house and use it to top up the swimming pool during the summer months.

Think Water Taranaki have extensive experience in the water management industry across all applications from your simple residential rainwater harvesting system to complex industrial effluent pump sets. Equipped with this the team set out to design a system that was sustainable, easy to maintain and cost effective.

Once the design was completed and approved by the client, installation began with care on the tightly accessible property. Four 1000 liter Devan water tanks were delivered to the site and installed on a custom-made compacted sand foundation. A sand foundation was used to all for the rise and fall of each water tank over time.

The tanks were plumbed into an existing down pipe to capture the runoff from the roof and a pipe system was set up to redirect overflow and allow excess water to drain away without damaging any of the property.

The tanks where then attached to a garden tap near the entry to the pool area, to which a garden hose that reached to the edge of the pool was attached to top up the pool as needed.

The system uses the pressure from the head of water in the water tanks to flow through the hose into the pool so there isn’t any need for a pump resulting in a low maintenance and low cost rainwater harvesting system.

The entire installation was completed within eight hours, which resulted in a happy client who has since reported that they are extremely satisfied with their sustainable, low-cost, and low-maintenance rainwater harvesting system.