An Effluent Solution

In November 2020, Think Water Taranaki contributed to the installation of an effluent system for the Mullan family dairy farm located in Taranaki. The Team worked with and around local contractors and Kliptank to ensure all parts of the project were completed safely, on time, and within budget.

When it comes to a good effluent system it is important to understand how it all works, what purpose it has, and what will happen to the waste after. The Team at Think Water Taranaki is qualified and highly experienced in system design, installation, troubleshooting, and ongoing servicing of effluent and wastewater systems.

A Bellin Progressive Cavity Pump (18-80 7.5kw) was chosen due to its easy maintenance and heavy-duty pumping ability. These pumps operate with eccentric screws and are perfect for abrasive sludges, viscous products, oil, and emulsions. The steady non-turbulent flow can also handle fluid with solid content without breaking up the solids making it the perfect solution for wastewater.

Progressive Cavity Effluent Pump

The storage tank comprised a 485m3 tank which was supplied and installed by Kliptank. A 5000g Larsen’s Concrete efferent sump, Larsen’s concrete wedge, and an 8kw stirrer were used in the storage container.

Being a key contractor in the project meant that Think Water Taranaki ensured that all parts of the build were kept on track along the way. All pumps, sumps, and pipework were completed by Think Water Taranaki.

Anthony and Wendy Mullin are pleased to announce that the effluent system has improved the quality of life for their livestock as well and presenting them with a long lasting sustainable effluent solution. Think Water Taranaki continues to service the system as needed.