What Is A Sullage Hose, And How Is A Sullage Hose Used?

Caravans and sullage hoses go hand in hand. If you own a caravan, then you should understand that getting a great quality and durable sullage hose is important to dispose of grey wastewater quickly and safely. A sullage hose connects underneath your RV or caravan to a sullage drain at the caravan park. Small food particles from the kitchen sink won’t become caught within a sullage hose thanks to the inside smooth surface, which is intended for use with grey wastewater. A sullage hose should only be used for grey wastewater unless the manufacturer specifically states otherwise. Some hoses are made to be used with both grey and black wastewater.

How To Use A Sullage Hose Properly?

Using a sullage hose on your caravan is not so complex. It is straightforward. First, you need to get a sullage kit. Our caravan grey water extension hose kits are easily attached to your caravan drainage system.

This 2-metre-long sullage kit is lightweight, easy to store and put together as it has been packed pre-assembled.  Our sullage hose is designed with a camlock cap fitting to ease installation after the disconnection of the extension hose.

Sullage Hose Kit

Our sullage startup kit includes the following:

  • 2m of 32mm black ribbed hose
  • 1 x 32mm poly camlock
  • 1 x 32mm poly camlock
  • 1 x 32mm poly camlock
  • 1 x 32mm poly camlock
  • 2 x 25 – 40mm stainless steel clamps

● Neta Sullage Hose

We also offer the Neta Sullage Hose. The Neta Sullage Hose is a traditional, unreinforced hose that was manufactured for use with recycled water. Like other Neta products, the Neta Sullage Hose has been manufactured using UV-stabilised materials for the safety and durability of the product.

Neta has also manufactured the sullage hose with a purple colour so users can easily identify the pipe and its purpose. This sullage hose has also been designed for up to 300kPa of pressure which means no bursting when using the Neta sullage hose.

Our team can help you put together a sullage kit using the Neta sullage hose if you prefer that option.

Neta Sullage Hose
Neta Sullage Hose

Now that you know what you need. Let’s move on to how to use your sullage hose on your caravan. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Find the wastewater outlet on your caravan.
  2. Place your hose over the camlock, to fix it in place, lower the small lever on both sides.
  3. Pull the lever to release the contents of the caravan’s tank.
  4. After draining the tank, close the lever, take off the sullage hose, and store it properly using a hose bag.

How to Maintain Your Sullage Hose

Just because the sullage hose is designed to remove grey waste water does not mean that it should not be taken care of. Just using and dumping your sullage pipe can cause a foul odour to permeate your RV and also cause health issues for the occupiers of your RV. After emptying your waste water tank, clean the tank thoroughly using the appropriate grey waste water tank cleaner.

If you can’t lay your hands on some grey water tank cleaner, follow the steps below:

  • Add some dishwasher liquid to warm water and pour the solution into the grey waste water tank before you start driving. Doing so allows the solution to splash around the tank and mix up with any remnant dirt lining the walls of the grey water tank.
  • Drain the grey water tank after 24 hours.
  • Rinse out and flush the grey water with clean water until it is dirt and grime-free.


Not only does this ensure that your grey waste water tank does not become a cesspool of bacteria, but flushing the tank also ensures that your sullage hose is clean and fit for storage in the caravan.

Using a sullage hose is a mess-free, environmentally friendly way of emptying your greywater tank – getting the right one can make your adventure in your caravan so much more enjoyable. The best and proven effective way to ensure easy disposal of grey wastewater is to invest in a high-quality sullage hose. If you are unsure of what sullage hose you need, get some advice from one of our experts. Simply search irrigation store near me or follow the link https://www.thinkwater.co.nz/store-locator/.