What Brand of Garden Hose Is the Best?

If you have ever bought a cheap garden hose to save some extra money, then you can likely identify with the experience of having the hose splitting and spraying litres of water all over you; not a fun experience.

The quality of the hose you use matters. Garden hoses have gone beyond just being made out of rubber. With innovations and technological advancements, there have been improvements in the way garden hoses are designed; now we have more lightweight, tougher garden hoses.

While you might be tempted to purchase the cheapest hose on the market, investing a little more for a decent-grade garden hose is quite prudent in the long term, which is why we have put together a list of the best garden hoses on the market for you to consider. Here they are:

1.    Orbit Garden Hose With Premium Flex

Orbit has long been considered one of the best gardening brands in the market, so it is no surprise that orbit garden hoses are popular. This high-quality hose has options that range from 15 meters to 30 meters long.

Orbit Garden Hose Premium Flex
Orbit Garden Hose Premium Flex

The Orbit Premium Flex Garden Hose has been designed for excellent kink resistance, is fully reinforced, and has UV protection. This garden hose connects to taps with 12mm fittings and is perfect for domestic yards and even commercial use. The thick inner wall of the Premium Flex Garden Hose by Orbit ensures that it is durable and lasts for a long period without splitting.

2.     GARDENA Hose: HighFLEX Hose with Power Grip Profile

Speaking about great quality, the Gardena hose is designed to ensure that there is a perfect connection between the hose and the hose connector. The Gardena HighFLEX hose connectors are designed to interlock with toothed wheels providing a perfect holding force, thus ensuring that you don’t have to go back to connect your hose to the tap due to constant disconnections.

GARDENA Hose: HighFLEX Hose with Power Grip Profile
GARDENA Hose: HighFLEX Hose with Power Grip Profile

To ensure your safety and its durability, the GardenaHighFLEX hose has been UV stabilized and has a kink resistance score of 9 on a scale of 10. Also, this garden hose is pressure-resistant while maintaining its flexibility and can withstand water pressure of up to 30 bar.

To assure customers of the durability of the Gardena HighFLEX hose, the manufacturers have provided a 25-year guarantee.

There are also some special-purpose garden hoses on the market manufactured by Neta that are designed to make your gardening experience a beautiful one. These hoses include:

1.     Stowaway Compact Hose

The Neta Stowaway Compact hose is a special garden hose that is designed to aid users who may work in small areas such as balconies, boats, and decks. The Neta Stowaway Compact Hose also comes with a multi-pattern hose nozzle that gives you flexibility with how you water your plants or clean your decks.

The Neta Stowaway Compact Hose
The Neta Stowaway Compact Hose

This special garden hose is designed to fit both ¾ inch and 1-inch taps while also being compact enough to store away without having to sacrifice storage space.

2.     Sprinkler Hose

The Neta Sprinkler Hose is a brilliant garden hose designed to make watering your garden or lawn easy. This garden hose is a soaker hose designed with micro-hole punches along the length of the upper side of the sprinkler hose.

The Neta Sprinkler Hose provides uniform watering of borders, flower beds, and lawns with the least amount of effort. It is equipped with an end stake for pinning the soaker hose into the ground and an extension cap allowing users to connect a second hose.

The Neta Sprinkler Hose
The Neta Sprinkler Hose

The Neta Sprinkler Hose was designed to be tangle and twist-free and is manufactured with UV-stabilized materials to ensure your safety and the durability of the garden hose. This is why the Neta Sprinkler Hose has a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

This garden hose is compatible with 13mm micro irrigation fittings and can be extended with the ¾ inch FBSP hose connector 12mm.

3.    Weepa Hose

Speaking of being environmentally friendly, the Neta Weepa Hose is manufactured using recycled rubber. This garden hose is designed with a pressure reducer fitted onto it, which enables uniform watering throughout the entire length of the hose. This is designed to reduce the water pressure at the point of entry.

The Neta Weepa Hose
The Neta Weepa Hose

The Neta Weepa Hose ensures that you get uniform water distribution, ensuring even coverage when watering your lawn or garden. The Neta Weepa hose also has a 3-year manufacturer guarantee.


When it comes to picking out a hose, it pays to invest a little bit extra for better quality hoses that last,  rather than having to buy poor quality hoses time and time again. You can never go wrong when picking a garden hose if the focus is on quality and the purpose of your irrigation. Feel free to ask for advice from one of our irrigation experts.

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