What Is a Travelling Sprinkler Base, And How Do They Work?

Orbit Travelling Sprinkler Base
Orbit Travelling Sprinkler Base

Everyone wants a thriving, beautiful lawn on their property; think of your lawn as your access to nature from the comfort of your home. These grassy spaces are there for the beautification of our homes, relaxation, family gatherings or simply a play area for the kids and grandkids. How you use your lawn is up to you. Nothing is more annoying than seeing your lawn become full of unsightly patches of brown – hardly a relaxing environment. However, we know how painstaking it can be to water your lawn for hours on end to ensure it gets the adequate amount of moisture it needs to stay green and flourish. This is why we have introduced the travelling sprinkler base to solve the problem.

What is a Travelling Sprinkler Base?

When we think of watering the lawn, an image of someone walking around holding a hose and sprinkler comes to mind. This method of irrigation is time-consuming and inefficient. Enter the travelling sprinkler base. A travelling sprinkler base like the Orbit Travelling Tractor Sprinkler is an automatic mobile garden tool that has swinging over base sprinklers attached to it.

The Orbit travelling sprinkler moves around the garden or lawn with the overhead sprinklers spraying water across every surface that the travelling sprinkler base passes. This spray equipment has been regarded as one of the most inexpensive ways to adequately water your garden or lawn. In addition, the travelling sprinkler base saves time and energy when watering your lawn or garden as it can be left to do its job unattended.

How Does A Travelling Sprinkler Base Work?

After reading how efficient the Orbit travelling sprinkler is, it is not surprising that you would want to understand just how this piece of spray equipment works. Well, we have the answers to that as well.

The Orbit travelling sprinkler resembles a tractor, earning it the nickname “tractor sprinkler.” This piece of equipment has two rear wheels and one front wheel that doubles as a steering mechanism. The travelling sprinkler base is propelled forward by a two-speed gearbox installed inside the base, just close to the rear wheels.

How are Travelling Sprinkler Bases Powered?

It might surprise you to learn that the travelling sprinkler base is neither fuel nor electricity operated but is simply powered by water pressure alone. The water pressure causes the two overhead sprinklers (which are bent at opposite angles) to rotate and spray water. As these sprinkler arms rotate, they also rotate the gears inside, propelling it forward at about 30 feet per hour.

Some travelling sprinkler bases have three speed gears; high, neutral and low. In models with a neutral gear, once the neutral gear is selected, these travelling sprinkler bases stay stationary while watering your lawn or garden.

How Do You Keep the Travelling Sprinkler Bases On Track?

The front wheel of the Orbit travelling sprinkler is designed with a gap in the middle. This gap is placed on the hose, and it uses this hose as a track while it propels forward. With this in mind, this travelling sprinkler base will move in whatever direction or position your hose is laid out in. This allows you to be creative with how you want to have your garden or lawn watered; it could be a square, straight line or in a spiral fashion.

How Long Do I Have to Keep a Travelling Sprinkler On?

While you might wonder if an automated watering system like a travelling sprinkler base increases your water bill, this sprinkler system is designed to keep your expenses at a minimum, and you don’t have to check on it to ensure that it is finished.

Timers are not needed for travelling sprinkler bases. The ingenuity about them is the fact that they automatically shut off when irrigation is completed. This is achieved by the use of a small-sized ramp or stopper placed on the hose, causing the travelling sprinkler to shut off when required.

Benefits Of Using A Travelling Sprinkler Base.

Is it worth getting a travelling sprinkler base? The answer is an absolute yes, and here are some benefits you can derive from purchasing one:

  • Efficient water usage.
  • Even irrigation of your garden or lawn.
  • Time-savings.

Nothing beats having a lush, green garden or lawn, and it is even better when you don’t have to do much work to achieve it. Purchasing an Orbit travelling sprinkler base ensures you get your hands on one of the best irrigation systems in the market, ensuring efficient irrigation and great time savings. Simply enquire at your nearest store for availability.