Which company supplies the best water pumps in New Zealand?

Water Pumping System Installed and Serviced by Think Water

There is a wide range of water pumps and pumping equipment available in New Zealand, ranging from small garden varieties to large commercial scale water pumps. Regardless of the capacity of the water pump, consumers are demanding quality water pumps and pumping equipment that deliver efficiency, reliability, and quality. Here we look at the best water pumps in New Zealand rated on quality and reputation.

In New Zealand, there are four leading brands in water pumps and pumping equipment. These are Grundfos, Davey, Pentair and Onga . Grundfos and Davey have become trusted names in any pumping system in New Zealand due to their reliability, quality, and the willingness of the manufacturers to embrace new technologies in response to market demand. Pentair and Onga are sourced locally in New Zealand through another of our preferred suppliers 43 South.

For example, Grundfos water pumping systems have been used in dairy sheds across New Zealand for many years. These applications move large volumes of water and require the highest quality water pumps to cope with the workload without breaking down all the time. Grundfos is a preferred supplier of water pumps in New Zealand, as our water pump installation experts at Think Water have developed a high level of trust in the Grundfos products over many years of use.  A case study where Think Water designed and installed a Grundfos water pumping system in a Bay of Plenty dairy shed on the North Island of New Zealand, can be found here.

Likewise, Davey is another preferred water pump manufacturer we have come to trust. Davey’s water pumps are manufactured and engineered with precision to the highest standard, ensuring quality and high performance. They also manufacture a wide range of water pumps and pumping equipment suitable for home and garden, farms and irrigation systems, pool pumps, water treatment pumps and commercial pumps. The full range of Davey water pumps can be found at here.

Dynadrive Water Pump by Davey

Pentair, through local supplier 43 South supplies Think Water with a range of water pumps suitable for use in the residential, business and industrial sectors. For example in the residential sector, Pentair manufactures the Superflo, WhisperFlo and Intelliflo pool pumps. These pumps can adjust the flow rate automatically as conditions change with your pool water. The variable flow features can save up to 90% on energy savings. Overall this means clearer water and less strain on pool pumping equipment.


Also supplied by 43 South, Onga has recently launched a new submersible drainage pump which is perfect for pumping grey water in various locations. The MultiDrain UV3 submersible pump is a portable pump making it ideal for use in many applications.

MultiDrain UV3 Submersible Pumps
MultiDrain UV3 Submersible Pumps Performance

Think Water is an accredited distributor for Grundfos, Davey, Pentair and Onga  water pumps and also stock related pumping equipment and service supplies. Because we design and install pumping systems on a daily basis, we stock an extensive range of water pumping equipment, allowing us to quickly supply products for any maintenance and service issues that may arise. We also have a wide network of stores throughout New Zealand, which further enhances our ability to service and maintain water pumps – as well as supply and install them.

While these pumps may cost more initially than cheaper units- they are fully serviceable. This means that they will last for years and can be repaired- bearings and seals do not last forever! Think Water Stores have factory trained technicians who service a wide range of pumps on-site and in workshops. 

When it comes to diesel water pumps, Rodney Industries is also a standout supplier, offering an extensive range, reliability, and performance. Diesel engine brands include Iveco, Lombardini-Perkins, John Deere, and pumps from Caprari and Rovatti. Think Water in Australia and New Zealand is a distributor for Rodney Industries. Further product information can be found here.

A lesser-known brand of water pump that is emerging in popularity in New Zealand is Orange Pumps. Orange Pumps supply a solar-powered pump package that harnesses natural energy to deliver efficient pumping solutions in tricky situations. They offer a unique solar-powered centrifugal water pump with a built-in electrical circuit that provides loss of prime protection and tank filling control, allowing water to be pumped reliably over long distances. Think Water is a distributor for Orange Pumps. Further product information is available here.

Solar pump and array available through Think Water

With any water pumping system, careful planning and design are essential. Think Water has an expert team of designers who will work with you to ensure the water pumping system achieves the outcomes you are looking for. We also have expert water pump installers and service technicians who can help you set up the water pumping system and assist you with ongoing service and maintenance. Obviously, we can also supply all the brands of water pumps we have mentioned, each coming with a trusted manufacturer warranty.

To summarise, Think Water supplies the best water pumps in New Zealand.

If you are looking for a trusted water pumping solution, give us a call or visit us in person at one of our many stores across New Zealand.