Why Are Rainwater Tanks So Popular in New Zealand?

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New Zealand is adapting new water conservation efforts to address the challenges created by unpredictable rainfall and the ongoing need for water supply. For this reason, it is hardly surprising that more than 20% of all New Zealand homes utilise a rainwater tank.  

Rainwater tanks store the natural rainwater provided by the earth for commercial, domestic, and agricultural use, and have provided unimaginable benefits for New Zealand since their introduction. This reservation of natural resources reduces water waste, lowers the risks of flooding and the environmental damage runoff stormwater has on its surroundings, while providing a cost-effective solution to replace or supplement normal main water sources. In areas where droughts are frequent, rainwater tanks also supply a reliable source of water that otherwise would not exist. With all the advantages of rainwater tanks, it’s no wonder they already account for billions of litres of New Zealand’s water supply. It’s also no wonder these tanks are constantly evolving due to their popularity in New Zealand.

Rainwater tanks have proved efficient in every area they’re utilised, especially in domestic use. Because most homes are dependent on the country’s main water supply, the use of a rainwater tank reduces overall water consumption from mains supply and ultimately lowers water expenses. In Auckland, New Zealand’s most populated city, non-upgraded current water infrastructure systems are costly to its residents. Rainwater tanks have proved so cost-efficient for rural areas, that large cities like those of Auckland in New Zealand have sensibly followed suit in a more cost-efficient way to deliver water. There are water tank suppliers in Auckland and throughout both islands of  New Zealand readily available to help residents install their new rainwater water harvesting system, inclusive of rainwater tank pumps and water valves. ThinkWater is a specialist supplier of rainwater tanks, pumps, water valves and accessories and also has many years of experience in the design and installation of these systems.

Another area where rainwater tanks are extremely favourable is in agricultural areas. In addition to the benefits mentioned for domestic use, rainwater tanks also offer specific benefits for farming. One of the many benefits of rainwater harvesting in farming is the collection and use of fresh, unaltered water. Most agricultural settings utilise irrigation systems that have chemically altered water. In regard to the healthiest overall plant life, freshwater is preferred over chemically altered substitutes. Another huge benefit of rainwater tanks in agriculture is the ability to maintain a constant water supply, regardless of rainfall. In the instance of a drought, harvesting rainfall from previous downpours ensures crops can stay hydrated when it matters the most.

Lastly, rainwater tanks are growing in popularity in commercial use. Because commercial use of water supply has the greatest demand, the use of rainwater tanks can provide huge benefits in this sector. One of the biggest issues with commercial water use is the potential threat posed to the environment due to stormwater runoff from such large building surfaces. Commercial buildings also utilise an enormous amount of water for flushing toilets and irrigating large landscapes. Installing rainwater tanks has saved commercial businesses significant costs on water, as well as helping the environment by reducing stormwater runoff, furthermore, reusing the earth’s natural resources and thus not relying on expensive main water supplies. Rainwater tank suppliers in New Zealand have assisted in the commercial installation of multiple rainwater tanks to increase the efficiency and sustainability of multiple businesses country-wide.

With all the undeniable benefits of rainwater tanks, there’s no wonder they’re so popular in New Zealand. Residents can reduce the damage to their surroundings by utilizing stormwater for personal use as opposed to it running off and harming their environment. The collection of rainwater ensures residents get the most benefit from a readily accessible water source, creating a supplemental and backup water supply in the instance of drought and reducing dependency on the main water supply. Rainwater tank pumps in New Zealand tap into this supply, delivering a constant water supply and in the process, this system has become an unquestionable way for residents to save money on water bills while creating their own water supply and conserving one of New Zealand’s most precious resources.

If you’re considering installing your own rainwater tank, consult with rainwater tank suppliers throughout our network of stores in New Zealand for expert advice. Rainwater tanks, pumps and water valves come in a variety of options, so contact your local experts here at Think Water to get the best supplies for your specific situation.