If you own a farm, you’ll know that it can be difficult to maintain. One thing we can help with is water - which includes filtration, water treatment, and a pumping system to irrigate your farm.

Dams, bores, wells, rivers, town water, channels and recycled water so the quality of the water varies. Using water from this many sources is not of a suitable quality for its intended use - irrigation, stock, household or other farm activities. It’s important to identify and correct water quality problems before they arise to avoid problems like poor plant growth, blocked irrigation or stock watering pipes, staining and other undesirable effects of poor water quality.

Treating and filtering the water you use on your farm is important, but it can be hard to know what kind of system is best for your farm. Your local Think Water store can give you expert advice on the best way to filter and treat your stock water to make sure it’s healthy and safe to drink. If you need a system installed, you can either DIY the system and take on the advice of your Think Water Expert, or we can design, supply and install your system for you.

As for a pumping system to irrigate your farm, this is absolutely essential to keep your farm alive and fresh. By choosing the right pump for your farm, you will see an increased result in not only better crop production, but it will help you save money as the longevity of the system will be higher. Choosing the wrong pump for your farm can be very damaging and increase power costs.

Your local Think Water store specialises in designing an energy and water efficient stock water system with advanced control technology. The systems we design can also be designed to dose mineral and vitamin supplements if required.