Starting out in engineering in 1980, Waterworks is a family business that prides themselves on supplying top quality pipe and accessories to the New Zealand market.

Their motto is “Smarter Pipeline Solutions” and this is what they supply. All Think Water stores across New Zealand stock Waterworks piping products and have hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in the use of pipes, valves and fittings.

The Waterworks range includes butterfly valves, pressure fittings, camlocks, PVC/PE pipes and fittings to name a few. They are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and are committed to producing high-quality products for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential sectors.

  • Butterfly valves
  • Pressure fittings
  • PVC valves
  • BSP fittings and thread sealants
  • Camlocks
  • Clic brackets
  • Compression fittings
  • PE electrofusion
  • Tapping bands and repair couplers
  • Carbon steel press-fit