The Perfect Rural Tank Solution

It’s not every day you get to work in such a beautiful rural location. Luckily for us, this client needed some water tanks installed to service three remote properties. Think Water Hawkes Bay to the rescue!

Living rural often comes with a set of challenges that do not occur when living in the city. Water and wastewater are not something that can be just forgotten about, extra steps need to be taken to care for them.

In this case in Ocean Beach, Waimarama the client required some water tanks to supply water to three houses on their rural property. While space was not an issue, the tanks needed to be strong, dependable, and lightweight to survive in the rugged location.

Water Tanks installed on a remote property outside the Hawke's Bay area.

A total of four 25,000L Devan poly tanks were chosen for the project. Their superior construction qualities and 20-year warranty mean they are the perfect tank for the out of the way installation and require minimal maintenance.

With a Devan water tank, you never have to worry about corrosion, rust, or concrete cracking ever again. Devan tanks are built with super thick sidewalls, tubular space frames, and moulded in brass outlets as standard which means they will last for years to come. Devan tanks come in a broad selection of sizes and colours and are suitable for use with a range of liquids.

Think Water has a comprehensive range of rainwater harvesting products and water tanks. We specialise in system design, installation, servicing, maintenance, and tank cleaning. Contact Think Water Hawke’s Bay for your rainwater harvesting needs.