Pool Chemicals

The perfect pool with pristine water requires that the right pool chemicals be added at the right time. As a pool owner, you want the maintenance of your pool to be as simple and hassle-free as possible. Pool chemicals are needed to protect swimmers from germs, keep pool equipment running smoothly, and ensure your pool lasts the long term.

When sourcing your pool chemicals, it is important to get professional advice, face to face from a pool specialist. Pool specialists will be able to give you the right advice about setting up your pool, performing regular water testing, defining the dosing schedule for your pool chemicals and much more.

Pool chemicals work in combination to:

  • Maintain your pool’s pH level
  • Prevent the spread of germs and disease
  • Improve overall water quality
  • Protect pool equipment from corrosion and scaling
  • Prevent algae from growing

When purchasing your pool chemicals, it is important to remember that not all pool chemicals are the same. Think Water chooses to distribute the range of Focus branded pool chemicals by Dolphin Pacific because they are high quality and thoroughly tested.

Your pool is an investment and creates a lifestyle for you and your family. Using low-quality products risks damaging your pool’s expensive equipment or the surface of the pool itself. Further, low-quality pool chemicals are often diluted which causes problems with accurate dosing which can lead to skin irritation or sore eyes for your swimmers.

There are 8 categories of Focus branded pool chemicals that are distributed by Think Water, these are: