Pool Clarifiers

Pool Clarifiers are a pool chemical designed to turn cloudy water back to being crystal clear again. There are predominantly 2 types of pool clarifiers although they both work in a similar way. Both work by grouping together debris in the water that can then more easily be removed. Clarifiers work in conjunction with the pool filter by combining particles so they can no longer pass through the filter. Pool Flocculant is the other type, which works by clumping together larger particles that then sink to the bottom of the pool to be removed by the pool’s vacuum.

Think Water stocks 3 pool clarifiers and 2 flocculants to use in your pool.

The 3 pool clarifiers include Pool Sparklers, Bling and Waterpolish plus. Pool Sparklers are a slow-release pool clarifier. Designed to keep your pool free from tiny debris over a period of 4 weeks, the pool sparkler comes in convenient packaging that means you don’t need to touch the product and it gradually dissolves leaving no rubbery mess in the pool.

Bling is a fast-acting dissolvable tablet that can be placed directly in the skimmer basket. It has been specifically formulated by Focus to dissolve quickly and be effective against a large range of organic and inorganic waste.

Waterpolish Plus is a liquid concentrated formula that is easy to use and fast-acting at restoring the sparkle to your pool. This Focus product is pH neutral and compatible with all filtration systems.

Slow release Pool Clarifier

Slow Release Pool Clarifier

Fast Cacting Pool Clarifier

Fast Acting Pool Clarifier

Liquid Pool Clarifier

Liquid Pool Clarifier

The 2 flocculants produced by Focus are their Quick Floc and Pool Floc products. Quick Floc works within 4-6 hours to bind small particulates together, so they fall to the bottom of the pool to be vacuumed up. Pool Floc, is a slow-acting but more heavy-duty flocculant. It is suitable for all pool surfaces and removes more stubborn particulates.

Quick Flocculant

Quick Floc Pool Flocculant

Heavy Duty Pool Flocculant

Pool Floc Heavy Duty Pool Flocculant