Pool Sanitisers

Pool Sanitisers are the foundation of achieving pristine water in your pool. Pool Sanitisers keep your pool water clean; they kill bacteria, algae, and other potentially unwanted contaminants. Without the regular use of a pool sanitiser the water in the pool is unlikely to be safe for swimming and will quickly become cloudy and contaminated.

There are multiple different pool sanitisers available and the right one for you will depend on the type of pool you have, where it is and how frequently you use it.

Chlorine is the most common pool sanitiser available on the market. Think Water is a distributor for the Focus branded range of Pool Sanitisers. The Focus range includes a low residue granular chlorine and liquid chlorine which are ideally suited for daily use in maintaining your pool water’s health. Low residue granular chlorine includes added calcium that makes it ideal for pebble and concrete pools.


Granular Pool Chlorine

Liquid Chlorine

Liquid Pool Chlorine

In addition to adding chlorine regularly, most pools require the addition of stabilised chlorine or Pool Shock as it is also known. Stabilised Chlorine is a high-concentration chlorine product designed to quickly increase the chlorination of the pool to the point where any bacteria, algae or chloramines cannot survive. Stabilised Chlorine is often used after periods of heavy use such as a pool party or after heavy rainfall.

Stabilised Chlorine

Stabilised Pool Chlorine

Finally, for those who are unable to maintain their pool on a daily basis, such as when on holidays, there is a range of Focus branded Pool Tablets, Pool Sticks and a Multi-Tabs Floater. These products are designed to provide a slow-release pool sanitiser that will keep your pool looking pristine and the water healthy and ready for swimming when you return home.

Pool Tablets

Stabilised Chlorine Pool Tablets

Pool Sticks

Slow Release Chlorine Pool Sticks

Multi Tabs

Pool Chlorine Floater

The Focus branded range of pool stabilisers include an added stabiliser or “sunscreen” that protects the active ingredients from being broken down by the sun’s UV rays, ensuring they last longer in your pool.