Pool Oxidisers

A beautiful pool doesn’t stay that way without pool oxidisers. Pool Oxidisers are pool chemicals that trigger an oxidisation process within your pool. Oxidisation uses oxygen within your pool’s water to remove microscopic organic material. The process converts this material such as body oils, dead algae, dirt, skin and chloramines into a gas that is then released. Without this process, your pool water goes from pristine and clear to cloudy and uninviting very quickly.

Think Water are distributors of 2 Focus branded pool oxidisers, Shock ‘n’ Clear and Clean N Swim.

Shock ‘n’ Clear is a specially formulated pool chemical product designed to remove swimmer wastes, destroy any organic contaminants and restore your pool to its crystal-clear condition. Shock ‘n’ Clear is easy to use and comes in a convenient 1 package = 1 application.

Pool Oxidiser and Clarifier

Non-Chlorine Pool Oxidiser

Chloramines or combined chlorine develop in your pool as the chlorine actively works to keep it clean. This combined chlorine is what creates the chlorine smell and makes your pool water cloudy. Non-Chlorine oxidisers such as Clean N Swim are perfect for addressing a build-up of chloramines in your pool. The carefully formulated Clean N Swim pool chemical not only oxidises these chloramines but is also suitable for use with pool ionisers and removes unwanted odours. This ensures your pool is ready for safe swimming when you want to use it.

To understand how to best use pool oxidisers in your pool you should speak to your local Think Water pool specialists. However, pool oxidisers should generally be used if the pool produces a strong chlorine smell, the water appears to look cloudy and green or immediately after heavy use. Even if your pool is not in use a lot of pool owners will choose to apply a pool oxidiser every week or two to keep it looking pristine.