Pool Algaecides

Pool Algaecides are needed as part of your pool treatment regime for the sole purpose of preventing or treating algae. An algae bloom can catch you by surprise, colouring the water or potentially staining the surface of your pool. There are many different types of algae and the type and severity of the algae will determine the right pool algaecide treatment for you.

Most Pool algaecides on the market are copper based. Copper has been used to treat water for millennia and it is still effective today. The Focus branded Powercide 4 is an effective copper-based pool algaecide that is designed for the prevention and treatment of green algae, mustard algae and blackspot while also suitable to be used for winterising your pool.

Pool Algaecides - Power Cide 4

Multi-Tasking Pool Algaecide

A broad treatment option is the Focus branded Algicide 20% Concentrate. This pool algaecide is suitable for both chlorine and saltwater pools and contains no metals. While it is not effective against blackspot (other treatment options are available) it is suitable for the treatment of green, mustard and pink algae.

Pool Algaecides

Pool Algaecide Concentrate

Blackspot is a notoriously difficult type of algae to remove completely from your pool once it is there. Focus branded has produced a special product just for this task called Blackspot Granular. This pool algaecide destroys the algae at the root preventing it from flaring up again.

Pool Algaecides - Granular Black Spot

Pool Blackspot Remover

Pool Algaecides - Black Spot Remover

Pool Blackspot Remover

Finally, Hydroclear is an easy-to-use algae treatment produced by Focus that is effective against black, green and brown varieties of Algae.

While most pool algaecides are effective at treating algae blooms, they are even more effective at preventing one. A good quality pool algaecide should therefore be included in your regular pool treatment regime. If you are unsure about which one you should speak with your local Think Water pool professional.