Pool Cleaners

Not all pool chemicals are for your pool’s water. Using top-quality pool cleaners to keep your pool surfaces and equipment clean is just as important to achieving that crystal clear and inviting water that all pool owners desire.

General household cleaners are not suitable to be used on your pool or its equipment. The chemicals they contain may upset your pool’s water balance or even cause algae to bloom. Tile and Vinyl cleaner from Focus is perfect for removing grime and scum from the water line of your swimming pool or spa.

Pool Cleaner

Tile and Vinyl Pool Surface Cleaner

The Pool’s filter does a lot of the heavy lifting in keeping your pool looking pristine, but only if you maintain it well. The Focus branded Filter Cleaner and Degreaser is specially formulated to remove dirt, scum, and oils from the pool filter. Keeping your pool filter well maintained ensures that it operates a peak efficiency and effectiveness and extends the longevity of your pool’s filtration equipment.

Pool Cleaners - Filter Cleaners

Pool Filter Cleaner

Over time the pool’s surface may become stained with rust or have a calcium build-up that needs to be removed. To remove these pool surface issues, Think Water supplies 2 products from Focus. Stain Off and Wipeout are products targeted to be used to remove rust stains and calcium build up. Both products are suitable to be added to either your pool’s filtration system or directly to the area for more stubborn stains.

Pool Cleaners - Stain Off

Stain Off Pool Stain Remover

Pool Cleaners - Wipe out

Wipeout Pool Stain Remover

Finally, for saltwater pools and to keep your saltwater chlorinator cells operating as expected Think Water provides the Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner. This cleaner works by removing unwanted deposits from the cell and is more effective the heavier the deposits. The Saf-T-Cell Cleaner has the added benefit of not fuming like hydrochloric acid-based cleaners.

Pool Cleaners - Saf-T Cell

Saltwater Chlorinator Cell Cleaner