Devan Plastics devan tanks

Devan Plastics has almost 30 years’ experience manufacturing water tanks and have gone on to offer a range of agricultural tanks, industrial tanks, fire tanks as well as below ground waste water tanks. Devan tanks are the only tank that come with brass moulded in outlets. Having metal outlets allows for easy plumbing that is solid and eliminates any risk of cross threading. Better yet, Devan big tanks come with two of them as standard!

Devan Plastics are manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene which is ideally suited to the Devan moulding technique giving long life and trouble free service. Polyethylene cannot rot or corrode, and is ultra violet stabilised for harsh environmental conditions. Devan tanks can also be partially buried.

The unique Devan space frame in Devan’s large tanks provides for maximum strength in the dome. This means the dome won’t pop in when you are installing or servicing your tank nor will snow loading have an effect.